“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” This is something Bill Gates once said. Your true customers, if they are your target customers, and they are unhappy with you, they are the absolutely best source of feedback on your product or service, and you should listen to them always.

​If a customer complains, it doesn’t mean they are going to abandon you, necessarily. It actually is a sign of commitment. They’re taking the time to complain to you about the product or service because they want it to work. Your customers want your relationship to work – that’s why they engaged you in the first instance. There are obvious signs a customer is unhappy and failure to spot the warnings can be symptomatic of a relationship that’s already broken down beyond repair. We’re only human and we’re always prone to making some mistakes. But it’s how we deal with them that really matters the most. Often customer complaint channels are prohibitively awkward and just add to the customer’s feelings of dissonance. What the dissatisfied customer seeks is a sounding board. Someone within the company who’ll listen and deal with the problem accordingly.

Managing customer dissatisfaction is about having the right channels in place for the customer to express their grievances. Develop processes that enable experienced complaint handlers to turn negative situations into positive customer experiences.

However, sometimes it’s important to recognize when to let go and separation is the optimal solution. It’s how you approach this that counts. Do so with understanding and clear communication.

As a business do you measure feedback from your customers?

Are you prepared for the things they have to say? If not perhaps it’s symptomatic of a wider problem. You have to be open to criticism and take it on the chin.

1. You should always be open to discussing problems with your customers

2. Learn to listen and understand why your customers might be frustrated

3. Display genuine care and attention – there’s nothing more frustrating than being brushed aside in an automated call center queuing system

4. Apologize and acknowledge the problem, even if you believe you’re right

5. Show compassion when you get things wrong – but not too much!

6. If the customer and your complaint handler cant solve a problem, make sure there’s a senior staff member to mediate

7. Think about what went wrong and learn to constantly optimize your processes and attitude towards customer service

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