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Microsoft Microsoft announced today that Windows 10 will debut in 190 markets on July 29th, 2015.

As previously announced by Microsoft, Windows 10 is a free, automatic upgrade for anyone running Windows 7 or 8.

Windows 10 will actually give the Xbox One a significant feature that Sony. Sony can’t hope to replicate quickly, the ability to stream Xbox One gameplay from the console to a PC.

Essentially it’s an upgraded form of the Wii U’s offscreen play made possible by its gamepad, but instead, the Xbox One will be able to stream console gameplay to any device that runs Windows 10.

While that may be true, the ability to stream Xbox One gameplay to a Windows 10 device has the potential to solve a host of “living room battles” that tend to come into play when living with roommates, spouses or children.


A big new feature addition for Windows 10 is Cortana, so here’s a message the company prepared from its virtual assistant ant announcing the news.

  • Microsoft Edge: The successor to Internet Explorer, designed around minimalism and collaboration tools, plus with Cortana integration.
  • Word, Excel and PowerPoint built in.
  • Xbox Live and Xbox app for doing things like recording gameplay, interacting with your Xbox friends and also streaming Xbox games to the desktop.
  • Windows Continuum, which lets you smoothly jump between multiple Windows 10 devices, and which lets you use your phones like a PC with external input accessories.
  • Windows Hello, a new login method that uses face, iris or fingerprint recognition to log you in without a password, depending on hardware support.


Microsoft is doing everything it can to make the transition smooth, like ensuring it’ll work with your existing applications. Windows 8 was sort of an awkward generation, so here’s hoping the skipped numeral results in something that suits everyone’s needs.

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