According to the Live Stats real-time calculator, there are about 58,000 Google searches performed every single second. Due to the fact that the number of websites and Internet users are constantly growing, Web competition is getting harsh, as many businesses and freelancers try to find their place in the online cloud. That’s great news for ordinary Internet users since online content is dramatically improving. But what should ambitious Web marketers pay attention to in 2017, in order to produce resourceful and informative content?

The reign of UX

User experience (UX), i.e. the way people perceive and use your content will have a strong influence on the online market in 2017. Every single step consumers or visitors take on your website will be determined by UX. This is why it’s important not to launch a website or any other online feature before it’s been properly tested. Also, during the process of website creation, you need to work closely with the web designer, so as to direct them towards the website outlook and functionality you want to get. Additionally, take a look at examples of exquisite web design in a post brought to us by Hongkiat. They might help you and your design team find inspiration for your website.

The value of literary creativity

The aforementioned benefits that Internet users will have a fiercer competition on the Web are perhaps most obvious when it comes to content writing. As a result of the improved Google algorithm, texts published on the Internet need to actually carry some value and relevance. We can expect that in 2017, the bar will be raised in this field of work. Consequently, only the most valuable writers and websites will manage to make ends meet on the Web. If you want to get aboard this ark of content survivors, work hard to produce catchy headlines and subheadings, as well as to conduct thorough research on every piece you publish on your, or any other, website.

The potential of the mobile market

The number of users who search the Internet via smart gadgets is rapidly growing. When you search the Web on your smartphone, you have different expectations than an average PC user. Websites need to load faster, otherwise, they’ll be abandoned if they provide mobile surfers with irrelevant content features. In a nutshell, everything happens faster on mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, entrepreneurs and content creators should focus on the potential of the mobile market. While responsive design is still something that can improve your position in mobile search, it would be smart to go with the flow and make a mobile app. You can ask your website designer to make it for you, or use one of the many app-building tools available and make it on your own.

A strategy for the future

Even if you follow in the footsteps of the most renowned marketers and entrepreneurs, it doesn’t mean that their strategies will work for you. What you need to do first is decide what you want to achieve with your website content. Is it increasing your online sales or do you just want to generate more traffic on your website and earn some money from ads? Those questions should be answered before you start making any content. Alternatively, if you can’t set all the goals by yourself, it’s always useful to ask for assistance. As explained by the Leafcutter digital gurus, website owners first need to identify the number of platforms they want to target and then start implementing their strategy. It’s a rational approach to business planning and budgeting. Of course, getting advice from your employees and friends can also bring some useful results.

Website owners and entrepreneurs shouldn’t take content for granted. The fact that Google pays special attention to it shouldn’t worry them, as much as the increased awareness of regular Internet users. Therefore, keep an average Jane/John Doe in your mind while creating your content features. This might help you come up with the right content for reaching your online goals.


Dan Radak is a marketing professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites and a regular contributor to Technivorz.

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