The thing about Twitter is that it is such a popular network that it can be near impossible to pin down the best time to publish your tweet. There are numerous studies about sharing on social media and they rarely reach the same conclusion. The fact is that although Twitter has been around for awhile, the network keeps changing and growing rapidly. This means that the data changes rapidly. A solution today for your company regarding the best time to post might not be correct in a month. The best advice is to pay attention to your social media and gather your own data about which posts are the most favorited and retweeted. Then funnel that information with the reports we will give you below from KISSmetrics, SurePayroll, and Hootsuite.

  • Location, Location, Location—KISSmetrics and Hootsuite both stress the importance of your location as to when you are going to post to Twitter. A company in San Francisco is going to post at a completely different time than a company in Virginia Beach. KISSmetrics shows that almost 80% of the US population is in the Eastern or Central time zone. Be sure to schedule your tweets accordingly.
  • Time To Tweet—KISSmetrics and SurePayroll differ when it comes to the finding the best time to tweet. KISSmetrics says tweeting at noon and 6pm show the best results, while SurePayroll says between 1-3pm.
  • Day to Tweet—Both KISSmetrics and SurePayroll also differ regarding the days of the week with KISSmetrics encouraging posts midweek and on weekends. SurePayroll says Monday-Thursday.
  • How Many?—KISSmetrics shows that between 1-4 tweets per day is optimum for businesses.
  • Retweeting—KISSmetrics also showed that retweeting happens the most frequently around 5pm.
  • Images—SurePayroll’s results showed that tweets with images increased clicks, retweets, favorites, and leads.

As stated above, these are just guidelines based on a significant amount of data. You will want to incorporate your own research, as no one knows your audience better than you. You can also use a platform like SocialBro, which, in their free version, will analyze your top 100 followers to give you the best time to tweet.

Keep in mind that your social media strategy is an important extension of your overall marketing strategy. Take the time to figure out when is the best time to reach your audience. Twitter is all about creating a meaningful connection between them and your company which means you should be there when they are.

Share with us your Twitter tips in the comments. We want to hear from you.

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