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Tumblr this morning is rolling out a new feature designed to take advantage of the extensive collection of GIFs hosted on its service: a GIF search engine.

With Tumblr’s implementation, web users will now be able to more easily locate GIFs on Tumblr as well as add them to their posts, while also properly crediting the GIF’s original creator, the company says.

That means Tumblr users should be able to surface GIFs using less common keywords than on some other search services, including via unique Tumblr slang, sayings and other abbreviations that members of the various fandoms on Tumblr use.

To determine which GIFs are ranked more highly in the search results, Tumblr takes a variety of factors into consideration, but engagement – including likes and reblogs – is a strong factor.


Users who want to add a GIF to their post will now be able to do so by clicking the plus “+” button the web interface, then clicking the new “GIF” button and entering in their search terms. After selecting the GIF, it’s automatically added to the post along with a credit for the creator, which appears immediately below the image with a link to the original post.

That person will be notified that their GIF has been used and linked through notifications which are pushed out across all platforms, including web and mobile.


The GIFs are indexed from across all of Tumblr, whose site today includes over 239 million blogs with more than 80 million new posts daily. Currently, there are more than 112 billion posts on Tumblr, many of which include GIFs.
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