Travel at the Speed of Your Business Tips For Getting Through Airport Security designed by fivenson studios in ann arbor michigan

As a small business owner, you don’t have time to waste in long lines at the airport. Even when you’re traveling for pleasure, detours at Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints can bottleneck your itinerary. But by following a few simple tips your trips through airport security will be as fast and smooth as possible.

Dress to impress the metal detectors. Leave your loose change and heavy jewelry at home, and slip your keys into your carry-on bag before approaching security. Adults must remove their shoes; wear a pair that’s easy to slip off—and don’t forget your socks.

Travel-size your toiletries. If you need to carry on shampoo, aerosols, lotions or other personal items, pay attention to TSA guidelines: All such liquids must be in a 3.4-ounce container (or smaller), and all your containers must fit into one sealed, 1-quart clear zip-top bag.

Keep your carry-on organized. Your laptop will be screened separately, so make sure you can quickly slip it out. And try to tame your collection of phone chargers by neatly wrapping cords so they aren’t loose in your bag.

Sign up for TSA PreCheck. If you qualify for this program (and pay the enrollment fees), you will be assigned a known traveler number and be allowed to speed through expedited-screening lines without unpacking your laptop or removing your shoes, belt or jacket.

Security checkpoints are a necessary hassle of air travel. But by packing smart and being aware of TSA guidelines, you can make quick work of the lines and begin your journey right on time.

By Kitty McConnell

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