Most small businesses are going to want to capitalize on every holiday they can. Big sales, special merchandise, and even themed music are great ways to lure people into your store for Christmas and Halloween shopping.

But what do you do for Valentine’s Day, especially if your business is not focused on things such as flowers, candies, or greeting cards? Is there anything you can do at all to stimulate some business on the day of love?

Yes there is! Check out our tips below for stimulating some money flow in early February. You may be surprised what you can do to bring some love to your business.

Hold A Sale Or Run A Promotion

One of the easiest things you can do is simply run a promotion or hold a sale if you move merchandise. Don’t know how selling insurance will help people think of love? Remind them that getting life insurance (during your special promotion, of course) is giving a gift to the rest of the family. What about web design services? Offer to create a web page about your client’s spouse or lover for cheap. This can lead to good reviews and more possible business in the future.

Create Valentine’s Versions Of Your Products… Or At Least Angle Them That Way

Sell products? Do what you can to make them more festive for the Valentine season. Beginning in mid-January, launch an alternative version of your product that offers some love for, well, love!

But what if you sell a product like lumber? (Or something else that is very non-Valentine’s.) Now is your chance to romanticize some types of lumber. Have a big stack of cherry woods? Remind your buyers that you are running a sale on it so they can build beautiful items for their loved ones. If you offer some pre-fab items, create furniture with feminine motifs.

Use your imagination to come up with exciting ways to add some love to your products. If lumber can be made romantic, anything can!

Have A Contest

Sometimes pumping business during this time of year is as simple as running a contest. Offer people who come into your shop a chance to win a romantic getaway weekend with every purchase. Can’t quite afford that? A “love basket” full of soaps, candies, and candles can make a great raffle or giveaway gift. Your imagination is the only thing inhibiting your ability to come up with a great prize for your regulars.

There a million marketing opportunities every Valentine’s Day. To write them off because you don’t have a traditionally “romantic” product or service is seriously selling yourself short. Take a look at what you offer and decide how you can morph it into something everyone will want this Valentine’s Day. Sales, special products, or even running a contest to bring people into your store will all go a long way in making your red February look a little more black – and that’s good for business.

Author : Aria Meyer is a freelance write and an active blogger. She writes mainly about fashion and technology, but she also writes about other topics too. She is currently working with several ecommerce websites to help them with content. Aria got her Bachelor Degree from Cal State Long Beach and currently living in Walnut, CA. Right now, she is working closely with Somervilleline to help them grow the marketing department.


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