Links are the connection between two pages across the web. In fact, all the web pages available on the Internet are connected via one or more links. These links play a crucial role in the search engine optimization as the search engines count on the links to award the web pages for their relevance and credibility. Generally, the links are considered as votes for a web page and hence, more the number of link to a site the more useful it is for the visitors. Therefore, the search engines consider the links as one of the important criteria while ranking a web page for a particular keyword. Sometimes, the links become the important means to bring visitors, including search engines, to a website. Hence, the best SEO company strategically develops the link building programs for any SEO campaign.

Links are another important SEO term and the different features of the links are discussed bellow.

Links- Internal, Inbound and Outbound

In a layman’s term, you can use incoming and outgoing links for the inbound and outbound links of a website. As it is discussed, the incoming links are like votes for a website and can significantly improve the rank of a web page on the search engine result pages. So, the webmasters try their level best to secure numerous incoming links to their sites. A couple of years ago, there were numerous ethical and unethical techniques of link building. But, the search engines have grown smart with their changing algorithms and counting only quality links of a web page. Outbound links are also equally important and if you are linking to any reputed website, you are referring your visitors to an informative and useful page. The internal links of a website also have a major role to play in making all pages of the site get indexed by search engines.

Source Page and the Anchor Text of the Link

There are two parts of a link- a source page and a destination page. The source page of the link is called linking page and the destination pages are called linked page. While evaluating a link the search engine takes into account both the source as well as destination page. And, when the quality of the link is considered, the source page, its PR, and relevance are the features that are important. The text the link starts from is also an important feature for the search engines. You may get a link from one of the reputed sites but the anchor text can make a lot of difference to the quality of the link. Therefore, the best SEO company gives importance to use the keyword in the anchor text.

The Don’ts of Link Building Strategies

As the mechanism behind the search engine algorithms has changed a lot, now the search engines are able to differentiate between the qualities of the links. Any unethical practice of link building can lead your site to get penalized by the search engines. Purchasing links and building links from the links firms should be avoided. Even links from a web page with numerous outbound links are not effective for a site.

Make a careful strategy for link building or take help of the best SEO company in this regard to enhance your site ranking on the SERPs.

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