The best way to AB Test Your Way to Success - Designed by fivenson studios in ann arbor michigan

As a business owner, you make important choices daily, and also the buck stops with you. What if the decisions you are about to make isn’t the right one? Should the cost be raised or lowered? Will the new promo message work? Should your website’s checkout page be redesigned? A great way to decide is A/B testing.

When doing A/B test you should take a portion of your customers and divide them into two groups the control and the test for a period of time. The group you are testing gets the new price the new message and anything else you want to test. The other group is your control group which doesn’t see any change to it.

In order to have a successful  A/B test you should establish some sort benchmark to measure against. Your benchmark should include things like revenue, the open rate of your emails, and the amount of people that purchase something on your website. That way when you have completed your A/B testing you will have measurable results to compare it to. Once you see the results of your testing you can move forward with your plans to succeed.

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