Take Advantage Of The Latest Marketing Trends designed by fivenson studios in ann arbor michigan
Ever since the Information Technologies became the unavoidable ingredient of any business, regardless of scale, entire business landscape has been developing at relentless pace. The very landscape became more leveled than ever, and even small startups have a decent chance challenging the industry behemoths. It should be obvious that, in such circumstances, it is not that easy to stand out, so even the larger fish, which are used to dominate the bowl, have to stay ahead of the curve and use the latest marketing trends in order to survive. So, let us look at some of them and see how they can be used.

Loyalty Incentives for Actions

Rewarding loyal customers is as old as the trade itself, but recently the broad appeal of gamifying the repeated purchases has becoming to fade. Whether due to monotony of the very game or the fact that rewards are usually lackluster, but customers are becoming less and less willing to participate. The entire process was reinvigorated, however, when the purchases were replaced with the interesting activities. So, if you want to stand out in a good way ask your customers to participate in charity or do something good for the community, and reward them with the Visa gift card, or other similar gift cards.

Social Relevance

For better or for worse, but today’s society is obsessed with social media, so you should adapt to that fact and use it to your advantage. Namely, the brands which have a strong online presence and know how to play by the rules of the online communities are more relevant than those who are better positioned in the real life. Ask your followers to create a fan art, repost your pictures, write one sentence reviews of your products and the most importantly invite their friends in order to enter some contest, and you will start trending fairly easy.

Personalized Marketing Messages

The purpose of the marketing was, is, and it will ever be casting largest possible net for the biggest possible catch. What is changing over the times are the customers. So, while the end goal remains the same, approach for reaching the mass appeal has to evolve. Today, however it may seem strange, the mass appeal is heavily concerned with the individualization, so your marketing campaign has to be modified for each person you are trying to reach. The easiest way to introduce the change is to ditch your automated email marketing client and write personalized emails to every single subscriber.

Create an Exclusive Aura around Your Business

The entire business world is filled with examples of people being ready to spend more money for the products (services) with the aura of exclusivity around them, without ever thinking are the products are good enough. If you are, for example, a small-business owner you can offer premium quality to the limited amount of people. Hype your products by giving early access to the most loyal customers, and you quickly become highly sought commodity.

Stimulate the Emotion-Based Purchases

Thanks to the Internet communities and the power of the social media, fandoms became something that is not only associated with the sport stadiums. If we would look closely, we would see that today, every brand has its followers rather than customers, and also a fair share of evangelists who are ready to put a fierce Internet fight in order to prove that their brand-of-choice is the best. Such emotion-based loyalty should be stimulated and nourished. In order to do so, find the social group you want as your core customer base and try to tap into its sensibilities through Omni-channel marketing approach. Once you become the embodiment of your audience’s values, you will gain rock-solid core customers base ready to follow you even through some more difficult periods.

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