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Business owners are skilled, knowledgeable and hardworking, but most are not experts at everything. So, it’s okay to fill in the gaps where expertise is not up to par, or it’s eating up too much time, with outsourcing. Let someone else mind things that you cannot (or should not) to free up time to focus on core business initiatives and bringing home the bacon.

Take a realistic look at strengths, available time and business needs. Even if you’re capable of creating a brochure, but it takes twice as long as a professional designer, evaluate time and money lost. And don’t underestimate the available options. Outsourcing opens you up to a massive freelance community, well beyond the talent available in your area. So, even if you’re in Toledo and they’re in Tacoma, the power of the Internet connects you to the workforce you need.

Outsourcing allows you to:

  • Delegate peripheral work to focus on the company’s main objectives.
  • Farm out one-time projects and get quality work from an expert.
  • Reach unique talent not available within your zip code.

Relinquishing control may initially be a challenge, but once you’re over the hurdle, you’ll be off to the races with more time on the clock to cultivate your business.


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