With mobile devices it is even more important to keep attention of users, than it is with people who visit regular websites. Failing to understand the importance of responsive design will ultimately lead to the loss of mobile users. If you want to encourage your users to visit your website, there are a few trends in responsive design that will mark the year 2015.

The keystone of responsive web design (RWD) is that it changes in size to fit the device that is viewing it. In near future more and more people will be using mobile devices for browsing the web. This is the reason why websites today are switching to responsive design.

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Adaptive delivery

In the last few years, websites with responsive design were bugged with longer loading problems, as different codes were being used for tablets, computers and mobiles. New technologies, however, have made it possible to avoid this problem and secure faster loading of your content. Adaptive Delivery technology enables the device detection and loading of different types of HTML and CSS coding, accordingly. This solution ensures that content and images will be loaded promptly, making responsive design ideal for users who have limited attention span.

A new job profile emerging

One feature of responsive design is that it involves different variations on several platforms, which then require analysts to manage them. Responsive design analysts is sure to be an important job profile for serious organizations in near future. This job will also benefit web hosting companies, as will include finding a perfect balance between responsiveness and information, not unlike the one of mobile editors or emerging platforms editors.

Keeping the content simple

One for the reasons behind the popularity of responsive design is because it is mobile friendly. With the increase in number of people browsing the web and looking the websites on their mobile devices, rather than on computes, simplification of content is a trend of the future. We mustn’t forget that unlike regular web users, mobile users are often looking for very specific information. If you simplify the content, it will be more accessible for the users, who will in return appreciate the faster time they needed to reach the wanted information. In other words, their experience of your site will surge.

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Frameworks backing up RWD

RWD frameworks are tools that help designers craft sites that are visually rich and still use simple interfaces, by offering them sets of scripts and standards. There is a large set of templates that can be adapted to needs of different types if users. In addition these aspects can still be possible together with stunning content. Some examples of responsive framework are Gumby, Bootstrap, and Get UI Kit.

Simpler emailing experience

While responsive design is ideal concept for web publishing, it is less perfect for email marketing. A recent study has brought up that although at least 50 per cent of users use mobile devices for opening their emails, responsive design still hasn’t encouraged more conversations or even responses. Still, making the email content fit the users’ screens is important nonetheless. There are other options for the, aside from responsive design. First, you may simplify your template, ensuring that its width in not more than 600 pixels. Second, buttons and ling should be easy to click, no matter if the users are using their thumbs or styluses.

The latest technologies and developments will continue to be the mainstay of responsive web design in 2015. Understanding their increased complexity on the ground level, response design analysts will have to bring your website ahead of the curve. The benefits of their joint endeavors will be more effective brand connecting with users. In addition, there is an increased room for collecting data, which has always been one of the pillars of business growth and brand connecting.

About the author: Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He currently works with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies. He is also a coauthor on several technology websites.

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