Optimize Your about us page ANN ARBOR GRAPHIC DESGIN AND WEBDESIGN STUDIOSIf you haven’t paid much attention to your company’s “About Us” page or, worse yet, you don’t have a page stating your company’s mission statement, leadership roles, and goals as a business, now is the time to get to work.

If your “About Us” page is either completely missing or seriously thin on information, you are losing money. Studies have shown that visitors to that page were 5 times more likely to make a purchase; and when they did, they were likely to spend more on that purchase. If the company had a well-written and attractive “About Us” page, those numbers went up again.

Your “About Us” page is your “business card” to the world. It says who you are, what you do, and what you stand for as a company. Without one or with a poor version, visitors are less likely to stay on your website and in some cases might never return.

Sound like too much work? Never fear, here are some easy steps to optimize your “About Us” page, that can help make a first time visitor into a long time customer:

  1. Logo and Tagline
    At the top of the page have your logo and a catchy tagline about your company. Make it easy to remember.
  2. Introduction
    Write a short, 3 sentence paragraph describing what your company does. Keep it conversational and leave out the jargon. Also, don’t go straight into the sales pitch.
  3. A Story
    Stories are a great way for your customer to relate to your company. Talk about your company’s principles and goals as a way of establishing trust with the potential customer. You could also relate a customer success story or another anecdote.
  4. Photos and Videos
    Including photographs of yourself and your employees is a great way for the customer to see that they are dealing with real people. Make sure that they are professionally done photographs. Same goes for videos if they when included.
  5. Testimonial
    Include a great testimonial from a long-time customer, but considering keeping it to one or two. No one wants to read 5 testimonials that all say the same thing.
  6. Contact Information
    Be sure that the your contact information is on every page on your website, especially your “About Us” page. Don’t make your customers hunt for it, or they will just leave in favor of an easier-to-reach competitor.

If your About Us page is not the main page on the website, be sure to include a prominent link on the main page. In addition, optimize your page for SEO by using alt text and descriptive titles for your images and use keywords throughout the text.

Keep the layout simple and limit the amount of design features. Reducing page clutter makes it easy for the customer to zero in on the important information, which in turn helps them to make the decision to use your company. Lastly don’t forget a call to action button – like “request more information” or “schedule a consultation.” If your viewer likes what they see, they can find out more about your product or service.

Do you have any other tips for the “About Us” page? Anything we miss? Talk to us in the comments.

Mickie Kennedy is the author of the PR Fuel blog, and offers free PR eBooks and Whitepapers for small business owners and entrepreneurs of all kinds.


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