11 Words and 5 Minutes Can Make Every Day the Best One Ever.The American Psychological Association found that the most commonly reported sources of stress include:

Money (64% report that this is a very or somewhat significant source of stress) Work (60%) The economy (49%) Family responsibilities (47%) Personal health concerns(46%)

he American Psychological Association

When you first wake up, sit down for five minutes with a pen and a piece of paper.

That is all you will need. Don’t open up your laptop, and definitely don’t check your email or anything on your phone.

Say the following words out loud: “Today is going to be the best day ever!”

Yes, you’re most likely going to feel weird saying this at first. That’s completely fine. Say it in private if you need to, but just say it. The purpose of this is to pass a command from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind wants to believe what you tell it (good or bad), and it will do whatever it takes to turn those commands into reality.

When you tell your subconscious mind that today is going to be the best day ever, it’s going to try to do whatever it can to make that happen.

Take out your pen and paper and write down those same exact words at the top of the page: “Today is going to be the best day ever!”

One of the rules the subconscious mind follows is that the beliefs it holds grow stronger with repetition.

Take your pen and paper and start to write out how your day is going to unfold. Be as specific as possible, and be completely positive.

Envision everything’s working out in the best possible way and feel good about whatever is in store (no matter what it is). Write in statements like this:

My meeting with the new investors is going to be amazing! I am going to be confident, prepared, and excited. They are going to love what we are doing and want to work with us.

Or this:

My quarterly review is going to go so well! I have worked hard this quarter and I know I did a really great job and they are going to recognize that.

Another example:

I am going to get to my daughter’s recital on time. I will be completely present and make it all about her. It will be a great experience! Get it all down on paper and feel the excitement. The more that you feel it and believe it, the more you are helping to make it a reality.

Finish writing out your day and then write two simple words at the bottom of the page and say them out loud: “Thank you!”

It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are or whom you are actually saying thanks to—just write it down and say it. And then think about it for a minute. Think about all of the amazing opportunities that you have in your life and all of the great things that you are going to get to experience today.Trust the process.

Doing this will feel strange at first. Be patient with yourself and don’t take it too seriously. Have fun with it. Your days will probably never unfold exactly as you write them down and envision them to. That’s completely fine and even a good thing. Life would be pretty boring if we could predict it perfectly, wouldn’t it? But this will help you to go into each day without dread and with a positive outlook. This simple, five-minute practice can help drastically change your attitude and allow you to create the best day ever, every single day of your life!

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Author By Chris Winfield

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