As a sales or marketing professional, knowing your customer is vital for success. Taking extra care to understand what your clients and customer values are will help you to communicate in an effective manner with him or her. They want to receive assurance about certain things before they purchase a product or invest in a service. Customers may want to know that a product or service is reliable, will remedy a certain problem or has an extensive warranty in place.

Your task as a marketing or sales professional is to point to the specific functions of a product or service that exemplify these values. Perhaps a product has a lifelong guarantee and may be replaced for any reason. You may want to make this a major selling point on a website or in an email advertisement.

Understanding What Your Audience Wants to Hear

There are numerous ways in which you can become knowledgeable about what your audience wants to hear. You may want to run an online survey that tracks the opinions of consumers. An online survey can help you figure out your demographic audience and also the reasons why people invest in your company’s products or services. This information can be useful as you create ad campaigns. You will likely create an ad campaign targeted at stay-at-home mothers that are very different than an ad campaign targeted at an elderly population.

Another strategic way to build responses to a survey is to offer a promotional product, discount or credit to customers for filling out a survey. Customers will be more likely to fill out a survey indicating their interest in purchasing a product if they will receive something in return.

Surveys assist marketers in understanding what customers want to hear and what they dislike. Knowing these two extremes can be useful as marketers seek to create highly-focused ad campaigns. They should also keep the main message of an ad campaign in mind. The bottom line is the ultimate selling point of a product. Marketers should try to think about the specific action that they want to promote. Typically, the “call to action” entails encouraging an audience member to purchase a product or service. Calls to action may also entail donating to an organization, volunteering for an event or participating in a sale. The call to action should always be the last message impacted to customers in a written ad campaign so that it sticks in the minds of customers.

How Knowing an Audience Benefits Professionals

Knowing your audience helps you to create a marketing campaign that increases the sale of your business or increases activist for a nonprofit organization. Marketing professionals should carefully track the performance of an ad campaign and base future decisions on evidence of the campaign’s success. If a certain demographic is not responding to an ad campaign, then marketers may need to further research the values, desires, and dislikes of that demographic audience. Taking these steps will ensure that a marketer creates a relevant ad campaign that audience members appreciate in the future.


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