These mobile apps are your key to managing your company’s digital marketing on the go, from any location.

The number of mobile apps available to help small-business owners with social-media marketing is mind-blowing. To get you started, here’s a quick look at the most popular platforms.

Facebook: A small business favorite for years, the Facebook app makes it easy to stay connected to followers and customers as you tackle busy days. Add photos of what you’re working on as you go about your work week, post updates between clients and handle customer service issues on the fly. (Available for iOS and Android.)

Instagram: This app isn’t just for the Kardashians—it’s one of the fastest-growing social media channels to market small businesses. With Instagram you can snap a photo or use an existing image from your photo album; add filters and dramatic color effects to get that vintage, artsy look; and share it with your followers along with your comments and hashtags. (Available on for iOS and Android.)

LinkedIn: Once the place for job seekers, now LinkedIn is another platform where your business can shine. Build a company page, promote your brand and share content to become a thought-leader in your field. Start a LinkedIn group to meet customers, influencers, and contenders for your business’ next job opening. (Available on for iOS and Android.)

Pinterest: This is one of the best platforms to reach new customers using images of your products or services. From cleaning services to artisans of fine crafts, any type of business can add photos, which users can “pin” (or save for later) and add to their own boards for inspiration. (Available for iOS and Android.)

Snapchat: Not necessarily the first app that comes to mind when you consider marketing your small business. But if your demographic falls somewhere between loving One Direction and not yet having an AARP card, this could be a viable option. Send quick messages, photos or short video clips—all of which disappear after they’re viewed. And even though the messages’ lifespan is fleeting, they’ll look their best with the built-in editing tools and filters. (Available on for iOS and Android.)

Twitter: As one of the largest social networks, Twitter is an ideal place to market your brand, manage customer service issues and network with clients—all in 140 characters or fewer. And if you think your customers aren’t on it, think again. With around 970 million users, it’s likely that many of them are your customers. (Available for iOS and Android.)

Google My Business: Manage your company’s entire Google presence from this one app. You can do everything on the GMB app that you can do from your desktop GMB dashboard. Edit your profile, check on your engagement analytics and respond to customer reviews—all from your smartphone or tablet. (Available for iOS and Android.)

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