How can you follow a sales lead through the conversion process to ensure that potential customers aren’t falling through the cracks? Customer Relation Management software (CRM) may be able to help. Most CRM packages enable businesses to set up lead “stages,” which can be changed when an agent performs an action. These allow you to track leads throughout the conversion process and ensures that individual leads are processed correctly.

Here are four key stages you should set your CRM to track:

  1. Initial contact: Indicate whether or not a potential client has been contacted by a salesperson/representative.
  2. Client’s response: Mark if they are interested in learning more about a specific service/product, or to avoid repeat calls.
  3. Product/service trial: If a client responds positively to initial contact, follow-up trials/demonstrations are important. Note whether a tutorial or demonstration has been given .
  4. Accepted/rejected product/service: If the client decides to go with your solution, mark it so it can be passed on to customer service. If not, mark it so that it can be revisited down the road.

If these stages are set and your customer service agents are diligent about follow-through, then sales representatives know with one quick glance where a lead is in the conversion process and what action needs to be taken next. Although the stages may look a little different for your business, the basic questions are the same: Have you reached out? Did you follow up? Did they become a customer?

Marc Prosser

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