Your company has been doing some digital marketing for a while, perhaps you even hired someone from the outside to handle it for you, and you feel like things are going in the right direction. You start thinking that it might be time to do even more and invest a bit more money to intensify your digital marketing efforts.

Then, you start to doubt your decision and figure that you are doing alright as it is. All of a sudden, this becomes a whole thing and you just cannot pull the trigger either way.

How do you do it? How do you know when it is time to intensify your digital marketing efforts? How do you make the first step?

Have Your Results Plateaued?

One of the clearest indications that you may want to intensify your digital marketing is the notorious “plateau”. Namely, when you look at the results your past digital marketing efforts brought you, you will be seeing an upwards trend with better results being achieved as time goes by. However, if you notice that this improvement gets less noticeable with time and especially if it starts stagnating, you have plateaued.

In such a situation, investing more in digital marketing can be the best thing you can do for your company. You have obviously identified what works and you simply need more reach, which can be achieved by larger investments.

Have You Identified Your Best Performers?

For the majority of companies, digital marketing will not involve just a single tactic. Instead, they will be using a mix of various tactics and techniques – from SEO to paid search and from paid social media to content marketing.

Before you can decide whether you want to ramp up your digital marketing, you need to identify what has produced results for you in the past.

For example, you may have realized that you have been getting great ROI from your Google ads while your Facebook ads have not been performing that well. Or, perhaps you may discover that your aggressive SEO campaign has been yielding amazing results and bringing fantastic organic traffic to your site.

The reason why this is important to figure out is that intensifying certain tactics will cost less than others and that the process can be extremely complicated with certain tactics as opposed to other.

Can You Afford It?

One very big consideration to keep in mind when considering upping your digital marketing is the money you have at your disposal. Simply put, becoming more aggressive and active with your digital marketing will cost more money and, oftentimes, you will find that taking things up to the next level means proportionally larger investments than in the beginning.

It should also be pointed out that ROIs will change dramatically as you start investing more in your digital marketing and certain practices that made sense before may not in the future, and vice versa. You have to be extremely careful about your budget and work every single aspect of it from as many angles as you can.

If you are have come up with a fantastic digital marketing boosting plan and you cannot free up any money at the moment, you can think about bridging loans and other similar financial injections that might bridge you until you free up some money in the future. If you should choose to do this, you need to be very, very careful.

Additional Considerations

Of course, there are other things that you should factor in when making a decision to intensify your digital marketing. For example, you may feel that you are on the verge of success with a particular tactic and you need just one more push to get over the hump. This often happens with marketing tactics that require more time such as content marketing, for example.

Or, perhaps a new competitor has entered the market and you want to prevent them from getting a foothold and threatening your own company. In such a situation, you may want to invest more in marketing and nip things in the bud, so to say.

Closing Word

Turning up your digital marketing efforts is often the right move to make, especially if you have noticed that the circumstances have changed recently. That being said, it can often be a rushed decision, which is never a good idea.

Take a good, long look at the data, try to make some projections for the future and if the numbers tell a clear story, go for it.


James D. Burbank has been involved in the world of marketing for almost 15 years. He is currently splitting his time between Australia and Europe and working only when he has to. You can check him out on Twitter – @JBurbank2019.

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