How To Promote Your New Logo

Regardless of whether you are a startup establishing your presence on the market or a company with a tradition seeking to reinvent itself, the logo you choose is your ambassador, and the world needs to be familiarized with it if you want to be successful.

Since its purpose is to make your brand recognizable, it is of paramount importance to promote it, if it is something your customers and potential customers are not aware of.

If you have a new logo, particularly if it is drastically different than the previous one, you shouldn’t allow its launch to go without a strong marketing campaign and distribution network. Here are several tips that will help you implement this idea.

Write about it

If you are at least familiar with digital marketing, then you know content is the king when it comes to attracting the audience’s attention. It is no different from promoting your new logo. The goals are the same: reaching a larger audience, awaking curiosity, and giving your users a quality piece of reading.

To achieve all that, the blog post about your new logo must be interesting, catchy, and enticing. You can share the story about the beginning of the company and how the original logo came to be or talk about new ideas, people who participated in the creation of your ‘visual ambassador’, anecdotes, and experiences, etc.

However, a poorly written article is worse than having no article at all, so if your company doesn’t have the staff or the capacity to write a quality blog about the logo, outsource this task to professionals.

Tease on social media

Before you even put your logo out there, tease about it on social media. Share short stories, be nostalgic, but optimistic about the future, be funny… Give your audience a chance to guess which one of, for example, three logos that were an option have you chosen.

When your mind is set, you can start promoting the actual logo. Be focused on image-oriented social media platforms, such as Instagram, Picasa, and Flickr, but also keep in mind where most of your customers reside. If that is Facebook, don’t ignore this platform.

Get physical

There will be years, decades, and more before the old marketing ways become fully obsolete. In fact, a particular audience still relies on traditional marketing (e.g., baby boomers and older generations), but not only them. Some millennials will also not and remember your logo on a billboard in a crowded street if they are constantly passing through that area. Flyers, pamphlets, and similar printed material can be useful for attracting clients which are passing nearby your store.

Promotional products and merchandise

Isn’t a tangible useful product the most effective way for someone to remember and recognize your business? Of course, it is, especially when people wearing or using them are walking commercials. However putting your brand new logo on hundreds or even thousands of T-shirts and giving them away can be too expensive, especially for a small business. These sorts of products can be saved for merchandising.

As for giveaways, you can stick to the more affordable options, just make sure they are something your customers would use or wear (not only in private). A good example comes in the form of detailed photo etched lapel pins which can portray your logo perfectly because of the fine details, and they can, depending on the attachment be worn as cufflinks, earrings, keychains, etc.

Run to the hills

Well, not really, but you can use guerrilla marketing tactics to get your logo out there and to get noticed by potential customers. This includes all creative ideas which are stepping out of the box of what we see as conventional, but which also don’t give out the signal that something is marketing.

Take for example temporary graffiti art, flash mob dances, temporary tattoos, and even random acts of kindness, all of which can be a bold way to show off your new logo.

There is no single perfect way to promote your new logo. In fact, a successful promotion is a mix of all of these techniques. Finally, revealing your new logo to the public eye can be a part of a wider campaign that will, simultaneously, introduce a new service or an improvement, to go along the image change.

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