HOW TO HACK YOUR CUSTOMER'S BRAIN- designed by fivenson studios based in ann arbor michigan

With every page you “Like,” every quiz you take, Facebook gathers more data on your persona that they then share with their partners–who pay dearly for that data. For digital marketers that kind of intelligence can be the difference between a campaign that falls flat and a viral sensation. In fact, this data collection is probably more pervasive than you realize, because it has consequences off-line, as well.

When you check out in a retail store, your purchases are logged by the merchant, and this data is correlated with your email address.

Relax–your personal data is safe, but this Big Data matrix means that there is an unprecedented amount of consumer data available to digital marketers. When this data is correlated with social media, it allows savvy marketers to capture sophisticated market research insights about you and other consumers.

Given any selection of people on Facebook, you can find out: Demographics, Gender & Age Predominance, Lifestyle (personas), Relationship Status, Education Level, Job Title, Page Likes & Categories, Location, Cities, Countries, Languages, Facebook activities, Device use, Household, Household Income, Home ownership, Household Size, Home Market, Value, Spending Methods, Retail pending, Online Purchases, Purchase Behavior, In Market For a Vehicle.

Until now, that kind of data research was limited to big companies. Now you can use the same methodology to find your sales prospects and identify their personas. This is data that some big companies have paid at least $10,000 to obtain, you can now do the same with Facebook ads for free.

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