Long-term customers make a difference. A big difference. There’s no way around the fact that investing in your faithful customers pays off. However, getting more traffic in the door (virtual or bricks and mortar) can’t take a back seat. Small business owners agree—a recent Manta surveyfound 50 percent rank ‘acquiring new customers’ as their top business resolution for 2015. But how can you actually do it?

1: Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth. Treating loyal customers well gives them the ammunition they need to rave in 140 characters to friends and followers about why they love you.
2: Draw customers to you. You know who your ideal customer is (or you should), so use that knowledge to develop targeted content (e.g., blog and website messaging) that answers questions and serves up what they need. (This is known as inbound marketing.) As you get to know customers better, make tweaks and personalize messages.
3: Bring your products or services to your customer. There can be value in traditional outbound marketing (e.g., print advertising), but it’s not for every business. Consider costs, short-term verses long-term return, and how you might combine tactics with inbound efforts for increased success.
4: Lead generation shouldn’t be intimidating. You’re already doing it. The name of the game is optimization. Track all marketing initiatives, figure out what’s working and improve.

Keep in mind that attracting customers is only half the battle. Add elements (such as access to a report, whitepaper or a special offer in return for an email address) on your website that empower relationship building, and conversion from visitor to customer, and eventually, to promoter!

What are your marketing strategies? Talk to us in the comments.

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