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Unless you’re a celebrity like Justin Bieber or Hillary Clinton, you’re going to have to work at building an initial following on Twitter. So what’s the secret? Instead of a slow-and-steady progression, treat your Twitter account like a short-term addiction. Make it your top priority for a month or two, double down and create lots of content.

That’s because studies have shown that the more you tweet, the more followers you’re likely to have (users who have written under 1000 tweets typically have fewer than 100 followers, while those who have tweeted more than 10,000 times usually have followings of between 1000-5000 people).

That initial immersion will pay off in terms of “market research,” as well: you’ll sharpen your editorial voice, get more comfortable with the medium and its quirks (hashtags, @ replies, and more), and learn the types of content that appeal to and engage your followers.

Indeed, if you’re a small business or brand, Twitter will actually help bring in new customers. By a margin of 64 percent, users are more likely to buy from brands they follow on Twitter, according to an infographic by analytics company KISSmetrics. (It also works for individuals; Daniel recently inked a major consulting contract with someone he met on Twitter.)

To help grow your initial base of followers quickly and easily, here are some additional methods you can try.

Written by By Dorie Clark and Daniel Vahab

What are some of your tips to getting more followers on Twitter? Talk to us in the comments.

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