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Isn’t it crazy how  many of us are afraid to step outside of our comfort zones – even if it holds us back from achieving everything we dream of?

What if you could step over to the other side of fear, what would you do? 

Fear could ultimately keep you “stuck” for a lifetime, preventing you from reaching your hopes and goals in all areas including career, relationships, even travel.  It is really amazing the hold that fear can have over your life – but you CAN find your courageous self and break through to the other side!

What’s on the other side of fear, really?

Growth, success, happiness, self-confidence, empowerment, mo’ money, mo’ opportunities, mo’, mo’, mo’ – and most of all, freedom! So then what causes us to be so fearful, to be afraid to take that next step?  Much of it is mindset and the control our minds have over what we do or do not do in life.  Remember, you control your mind, not the other way around.

Another school of thought says that we are simply afraid of failure AND/OR afraid of success. What’s your take on this?

Either way, let’s admit it – it’s much easier to stay in our comfort zones with things that are familiar, even if life is a total suckfest.  Sometimes boring or mundane is comfortable, but does it take you anywhere?  Think about your knowledge, expertise, the experience you have in life.  Maybe you work at a dead-end job and deep down inside you know you’re much better, that you could DO better for yourself, but it’s just easier to stay in your dead-end job.  Too much effort, too much of a risk; there are countless excuses!

The Crossover…

So, how can you cross over to the other side of fear, a place where you will find your courage, confidence and ultimately your dreams?

  • Remember that fear can be overcome, and that it is not permanent.  It is simply a state of mind.
  • Rather than trying to eliminate fear altogether, we must learn how to live with it and put it in its place. Smack it down and let it know who’s boss! It’s okay to be afraid every now and then; just don’t let it stop you in your efforts to accomplish your aspirations.
  • With that said, don’t expect fear to completely disappear, but expect and KNOW that you can manage it.  Try new things, take that step that scares the holy crap out of you – every time you do, it gets easier!
  • Understand that you must take calculated risks.  You can’t sit idly by on the sidelines and expect your fears to go away. Whether you take small or big steps, defy your fears and keep stepping forward.  FYI: A calculated risk is one that is focused, well thought out and which you understand completely.  Understanding risks can also help to overcome fear.
  • Turn that fear around to work FOR you.  Here’s what I mean: instead of stress, anxiety or self-doubt being signals that you should not take that next step, let these signals indicate that you SHOULD take that step! The “fear factor” will then be behind you.

Here’s one of the best statements to describe how to put your fear in perspective.  Know this: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

Think of all that you are missing out on in life because of fear.  Perhaps you’re passionate about traveling, but you’re scared out of your wits to go alone.  Or, you would love to start an online cooking show but scared to try it. Or, maybe you’d make a great business owner but fear of failure holds you back.  Furthermore, fear doesn’t just apply to the “big” things in life. It applies to your everyday life as well. For instance, you’ve had your eye on someone, but fear hasn’t allowed you to approach him/her yet. Hey, you could be passing up your life partner!

Identify those fears that are preventing you from experiencing the ultimate success and enjoyment in life, and know that you CAN find your courage to step over to the other side of fear!

What are you waiting for?  What’s holding you back at this very moment?

By LakeshaBrown


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