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Marketing and branding are the processes that make and break most of the modern companies. We still write plans in black and white, do road shows and host events, yet the wind of change is upon us. The tools, channels and strategies have been transformed in the last decade, and many are predicting the bright future of digital marketing. That may be so, but it is important to separate the wheat from the chaff and see what myths have no place in serious marketing endeavors.

Marketing is not a science

Brilliant ideas are not worth a plug nickel without facts and figures as a driving force behind them. Good marketing is based on firm rules and thorough planning. The rules are not universal though, and each product or marketing tool may require a different approach. Dig into numbers because they do not lie, and use analytical tools such as HubSpot, Google Analytics, and Buffer. A periodic evaluation and measurement of business goals and marketing activities enable businessmen to adjust the strategies and refocus their goals.

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Customers are rewarded only for consuming

Wrong. Old-fashioned stacking up of the points related to shopping is something customers are not that keen on. Today, companies reward buyers for participating in actions, various real-life activities, and donating money for humanitarian purposes. Gratification is one of the most effective ways to stimulate repeated purchases, but businesses should make them engaging and satisfying. One of the common and adored rewards is a visa gift card, and others include cumulative discounts, free items, and preferential service terms.

The winner takes it all

Being the first or a leader in a certain industry sure helps, but it does not guarantee the long-term success. Many people tend to overlook that Facebook was not always the top of the tops in social networking and that Google is not the first search engine to see the light of the day. They came from behind, and what enabled them to hit big was the quality and timeliness of their products and services. Being the first can be a limiting factor that makes businessmen feel like they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Superior products sell themselves

Some consumer products find their own way into the customer’s hands, but the best one does not always win the race. Good product quality is paramount for companies, but sometimes not as important as great product marketing. What it takes is a solid value proposition that hits the mark and provokes reaction. Customers who do not recognize the purpose, value and appeal of the certain products will not hesitate to switch to the competition. Branded products can sell like hot cakes and provide the best word-of-mouth promotion.

Face-to-face communication is obsolete

Why would anyone throw resources at old-school marketing when Social Media provide effective channels for free? Well, that is not quite true, since a proper social media strategy requires both time and money. Also, there are some things digital realm cannot offer the customers. More and more companies are hosting their own industry events and conferences to engage the clients in person. Customers look forward to big events, and still want to meet the company’s representatives. Hence, it is always a good idea to connect products and services with the human face.

Just build it, they will come

Content marketing is a hot topic in the world of digital marketing because quality content increases brand awareness and attract the internet traffic. But, this is not a law like that of a universal gravitation. Only companies that make an effort to distinguish themselves from the competition and create a unique content can hope to succeed. Similar products and posts blur and are easily lost in all the overwhelming noise of social networks. The same goes for business websites that could always use a bit of search engine optimization (SEO) to increase the Google rankings.

The game has changed

There is no better way to get the business of the ground than to engage in well-though, planned marketing. Today we have an immense digital frontier of social media and tools like Twitter ads and Google Adwords. The game has changed both for customers and enterprises, and old rules are not set in stone anymore. There are no silver bullet strategies and one-size-fits-all solutions, and it is important to debunk some common marketing myths. With the air cleared, it is much easier to focus on activities that make a real difference.


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