We want only the best for Mom on her special day.

Searches for the “best mothers day gift” in May 2014 were up nearly 40% from the previous year. And Mom would be so pleased: People actually started looking for gift ideas earlier (April searches were up 53% YoY).1 On mobile, searches for “best mothers day gift” were up 51% YoY.2

Flowers are no longer the go-to gift for Mother’s Day.

Over the past four years, search interest for flowers around Mother’s Day has decreased (down 19% since 2011).

On the other hand, arrangements of the edible variety are growing in popularity: Search interest in “fruit baskets” grew nearly 20% in May 2014 YoY.4

Moms are favoring an experience over flowers

Millennial moms just want some peace and quiet…

Millennial moms said they looked forward to Mother’s Day as a chance to rest.5

And what better way to help Mom relax than a day at the spa? That seems to be the general thinking, as the #1 day for “spa” searches is Mother’s Day.6

…while older moms favor food and family

Moms ages 35 and up say a “meal with family” would be their ideal gift.7

That special meal starts with a reservation: After Valentine’s Day, the most searches related to reservations happen most often on Mother’s Day.8

No gift? With less than a week to go, you’re not alone.

Weeks turn into days, and before you know it, Mom’s special day is just around the corner. Mother’s Day ranked third (behind Christmas and Valentine’s Day) for “last minute” searches related to gifts.



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