Oh How Pinteresting Buyable Pins Coming soon Fivenson Studios Graphic Design-Web design and logo design studios

Here’s how it all works.

Blue means you can buy

When you spot a Pin with a blue price, you’ll know you can buy it right from the app. Searching for something specific? Use the price filter to hone in on just the right Pin.
You can also find the right color for you, within the Pin itself. See how you feel about the orange sleeping bag, or maybe the black one. Swipe through all your options and pick your favorite.
It’s simple and secure
When you’re ready to check out, tap Buy it and pay with Apple Pay or a credit card. Soon, you’ll be on your way and back to Pinning. Once you enter your personal info, we’ll store it so you don’t have to thumb it in again next time.
The fewer people who have access your credit card information, the better—and that includes us. That’s why we won’t store your credit card info ourselves. Instead, we’re working with payment processors who’ve been protecting people’s information for years. And when you pay with Apple Pay, it uses a device specific account number instead of your actual credit card number, so neither your device nor Apple Pay will send your actual card number to the seller.

We would love to hear your thoughts. Would You Use Pinterest To Buy A Product?

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