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Video blogging helps you connect with your viewers like no other blogging format. The close second is audio, however the combination of the prior and the visuals of a video creates a far more powerful formula with a longer lasting effect on the recipient.

Having your face behind your voice right in front of them is going to enable the viewer to feel closer to you, reaching out to them on a personal level. This way of blogging arguably gets across a better recognition of your underlining message and content.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from video blogging, or ‘vlogging’ as it is often referred to.  By creating a regularly updated ‘vlog’ with quality content, will increase your business’ web presence.  This will also open up doors for potential customers that come across your content whilst browsing the web.

Video ideas

To get you started here are some popular concepts for video blogs:

  • Company updates: Keep the world informed and up to date with the latest services or products your business has on offer. You should also shout about your achievements, make noise! It looks really good to a potential customer to see that you’re getting recognition for your contributions in the business’ particular field.
  • Industry or world news: The vlogs don’t have to be all about your business. By creating content that appeals to a wide range of audiences you will be drawing more people in.
  • How-to videos: Demonstrate to your customers how to use your products or how to engage with your services. You can source videos off online and embed them within your vlog. However, if you’re feeling creative

The benefits 

  • Personal approach: If executives reach out regularly via the vlogs you’re giving a personal image to the business. By addressing your audience with a personal face to connect to you are breaking the boundaries and connecting with them on a deeper and authentic level.
  • Better customer communication: Instead of purely sending out press releases and advertising your business in traditional ways, vlogging opens up new doors. This form of communication appeals to a modern and tech-savvy audience that is important in this day and age.
  • Increased ranking in web searches: By posting your vlogs regularly and getting a decent number of followers, you will be increasing the web presence of your business. This will improve your ranking in web searches, increasing your web audience and brand awareness.

Final tips

  • Promote: As with every other aspect of your business such as new products or services, you must promote the vlog and make a noise for all to hear. Marketing and promotion are crucial to the success levels of your blog, so get promoting!
  • Stay up to date: Keep your blog current by regularly updating. Create a plan for posts, and be open to spontaneity as who knows what will be the next viral craze, but you want to be ready to discuss it. Plan on adding new content at least once a week to build up a regular audience and buzz around the vlog.
  • Embed ads: Running any business you will want to be making money. By embedding adverts within your vlog or on the vlog page you will be able to make profit off of the videos. If you wish to upload them to YouTube you will also make money if you’re video reaches over a certain amount of views.


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By Pearl Whitehead


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