6 Ways to Motivate Employees to Care About Your Business designed by Fivenson Studios, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, specializes in design of all kinds

Have you ever been on the receiving end of bad customer service? It often looks like this: A grumpy employee ignores you, treats you dismissively, acts in an unprofessional manner and makes you question why you stopped by the business in the first place. Sometimes a bad employee is just a bad employee. But often, rude, unhelpful and unproductive employees are a signal that an owner has not motivated them to care about their business.

Disengaged employees can have a negative impact on almost every aspect of your business, including safety incidents, customer satisfaction, staff turnover and profitability.

So how do you lead your staff to feel pride in their work? Here are a few strategies:

  • Empower staff to make decisions within their purview (and within the chain of command)
  • Establish a forum for staff feedback and suggestions. Listen and value the suggestions of your trusted employees
  • Recognize and respect the work your employees do, particularly when they go above and beyond. It takes more than lip service: Award the bonuses, flex time or incentives you can afford
  • Model pride in your own work, and express gratitude for your establishment, employees and customers. Let employees know you value their professionalism, and encourage them to view their job performance with pride
  • Get them out of the office from time to time. Staff outings are an opportunity to learn, meet new people, and build team bonds
  • As your business grows, let your employees evolve with you. Groom them to take on more responsibilities

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