#3 of the bTop 7 Marketing Trends to Stay Ahead of the Game(Ann Arbor Michigan Graphic Design Company FIvenson Studios)

Content marketing will be bigger than anyone expected

According to the Business to Business (B2B) Content marketing Benchmarks report, ninety three percent of Business to Business (B2B) marketers said they used content marketing in 2014, and forty two percent said they thought-about their strategy effective (up from thirty six percent last year).

As marketers still see the advantages of their content strategies, cash previously earmarked for search engine PPC, SEO and social media are re-allocated to content marketing efforts. a significant struggle, however, are finding ways to stand out amidst the throngs of different content vying for attention.  Online video content, research-intensive content, and also content that abides from the 12 quality metrics are usually just what provides firms a plus around their competitors.

Businesses are increasingly willing to invest in mobile content, together with making short-form content that’s easily readable on mobile devices, being familiar with the audience’s mobile habits as well as positioning additional focus on online video as well as images that’s purely consumed through mobile.

We interested to hear your forecasts for 2015. Stay tuned for the rest of this years top seven marketing trends. At the end of the week we would like to know what patterns would you add to this rundown?

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