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One cannot underestimate the power of email marketing even as social media is becoming a trend. People still do check emails and prefer it as a mode of communication since social media does have privacy issues. But like many marketers, you may be contemplating about giving up on email marketing after launching campaigns that eventually fail. You may not know it then, but it could be that from the start, your email marketing campaign was doomed to fail. To help you understand what you could’ve done wrong and how to avoid these mistakes in the future, know these 14 reasons behind your failed attempts.

Indications of a campaign that is destined to fail

  1. Your emails appear to be spam.

Despite having good content, your message can be perceived as spam by your contacts. Without knowing it, you may be giving your message the appearance of a spam. Have you been typing your subject line or message body in all caps? Do you think your subject line may appear to be ambiguous from the point of view of your readers? If you answer yes to both of these questions, then chances are high that you are being perceived as a spammer by your recipients!

  1. Your email lacks a human touch.

Even if your viewers can not see you, they can sense the tone behind your email. You set the tone of your email by the words you choose to use. Readers would surely love to read something personalised so they can feel that they are appreciated.

  1. Your personalised emails make your readers feel awkward rather than comfortable.

Though you should be approaching your clients through a friendly email, you should not over-do it. A good marketer knows how to set the pace and tone in delivering crucial information. He can distinguish when the email should sound casual or when it should sound formal.

  1. You never tidy up your email lists.

Clearing out your email lists with unnecessary contacts is a must. Unnecessary contacts mean those people whose accounts are either closed or full. Sending out emails to them is not only a total waste of time but can damage your sender score too. In worse cases, you may end up being blacklisted by big email clients.

  1. Your content is of little value.

This is self-explanatory. You don’t want your readers to quit clicking on your emails just because they’re expecting that it will be the same piece of worthless content that you previously sent. Work on the quality of your content and do not compromise it for quantity.

  1. You are being deceptive.

If you are offering a free personalised shirt as a promotional product, you better make sure that your recipients will get exactly that. Do not trick them by providing an eBook instead. Believe me. Word will go out.

  1. You deliberately do not provide an opt-out option.

Providing an opt-out option in your email can assure your clients that your company is not some desperate business looking out for money. It will earn your clients’ respect as it will give them the impression that you, too, are respecting their decision in case they want to unsubscribe eventually.

  1. You deny the fact that you’re advertising.

It is definitely better if you can make your message less of an advertising material and prevent it from being too commercialised. However, when asked, never deny that you are advertising. It could do more harm than good to you as a marketer. You should find a balance between that of getting a customer, plain and simple and that of getting a customer’s trust.

  1. Your emails are not optimized for mobile devices.

A third of marketers say their subscribers read emails on mobile devices at least 50% of the time. As a marketer, you should know the impact of mobile phones in today’s digital world. Never underestimate its power and optimise your email marketing via mobile phones.


  1. You purchase email lists from unreliable sources.

Do not go buying email lists just because a company offers them at a cheap price. Do research to avoid falling prey to disreputable list companies. Having to respond to spam complaint caused by dirty email lists can cost you even more money than you imagine.

  1. You never sort the email so your contacts get irrelevant data.

Remember that your contacts may have different preferences. A client who wants to know more about your company’s product will not be overjoyed reading an email about your company’s teambuilding or about a company party that only people in your organisation can relate to.

  1. You fail to welcome new members.

The key to successful email marketing is not just to keep your loyal contacts but to keep building your email lists. Welcome new members and make them feel really valued.

  1. You never indicate vital company information such as address and contact number.

Not providing these details can cause your contacts to suspect that your business is a non-existent one.

  1. You never set your heart to it.

The greatest folly that you can commit in email marketing is doing this marketing campaign half-heartedly. If you really are determined to succeed, you should believe from the start that you are, after all, not doomed to fail.

Learn from your mistakes and move forward

If you recognise the mistakes you committed in your past email marketing campaigns, then it’s time to reform using these guides and you will surely be taking the right track form hereon.

Masroor is conversion optimization analyst at Invesp. Founded in 2006, Invesp Marketing has successfully implemented 400+ conversion optimization projects with an average uplift of 65%

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