Include a headline: Headlines are not just for ads. Your reader’s eye will be drawn to your headline. Make it Magnetic!

Use effective words: Some effective words to include are FREE, Easy, New, Now, Save, Revolutionary, Today, You, Yes and Breakthrough.

Make your paragraphs short: Limit them to seven lines or less.

Use simple words: Make your copy familiar to your readers. Don’t use jargon or difficult words. Most people won’t know or care what you’re talking about.

Focus on benefits: “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.” Focus on the benefits of your Offer, not your service or company, but what they’ll get.

Be honest: Be honest, straightforward, upfront and true. Don’t ever mislead your readers.

Use easy-to-read type: Use sufficient size type, easy-to-read type. Don’t use fancy font types.

Include a P.S.: Call attention to a major benefit in your P.S.

Use specifics: Make your Offer specific. Use “10 tips to eliminate . . . ,” rather than “some ways to eliminate . . .”

Don’t waste money: Don’t spend lots of money on expensive stationery. Expensive paper won’t get your prospects to respond. Your Offer is the key!


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